Leah's Organic Garden Lab Results

Certificate of Quality Assurance and Third-Party Lab Results.


Match the number on the bottom of the product with the appropriate product listed below and click the link to view lab results.

The lab results contain information about potencies, heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, terpenes, color and consistency, date of manufacture and so on.




CBD Tincture Oil 250 mg Original

Lot Number: 20LL111K12 (04/20)



CBD Tincture Oil 250 mg Fresh Mint

Lot Number: 20LL091A11 (04/20)



CBD Softgel 25 mg Everyday Formula

Lot Number: 2016201 (06/20)

CBD Gummies 10 mg Strawberry Lemonade
Lot Number: 20041215160142 (05/20)
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CBD Bath Bombs 25mg Lavender Refresh
Lot Number: 0062A (02/20)
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CBD Energy Drink Mix 12.5 mg
Lot Number: 2025285 (02/21)