Our Story

Mission Statement: Leah’s Organic Garden exists to promote wellness through high quality cannabinoids.

Our Story: Hi, we are Carlyle and Leah Currie, owners and founders of Leahs’s Organic Garden in Belpre, Ohio. 

Carlyle & Leah Currie - Owner/founder of Leah's Organic Garden - pngOur journey started not too long ago when we were looking for an alternative to prescription medicine for our anxiety. Having, just dealing with it became too much for me as I approached a new career in entrepreneurship. My wife, Leah was still dealing with depression and anxiety from being diagnosed with the brca2 gene and having a double mastectomy and full hysterectomy.

It seemed like medical cannabis was the way to go, understandably because Im not a fan of prescription medicine, my medical history isn’t exactly “on record”, so I wasn’t able to get a medical cannabis card. In the state of Ohio anxiety and depression are not covered but chronic pain is and that’s were I thought I could get in.

Fast forward a few months, we were still searching for the answer to our problem and that’s when it hit me. I remembered reading a little bit about CBD from completing my Cannabis Training University Master Certificate and quickly referred back to my notes. After bout a week of absorbing information on CBD I was convinced, closed my current business and open up a CBD store, or really a cannabinoid store. My journey of entrepreneurship and wellness all in one, it was an easy decision.                              


Our Community: We wanted to bring a natural product that benefited our community, being that a very large portion of our community jobs are THC-Free work places and with medical cannabis not being an option we wanted to provide our area with a THC-Free alternative. The difference between Medical cannabis and premium grade broad spectrum CBD is the molecule THC. Both use a combination of different cannabinoids to create properties for beneficial wellness.

Our Goals : As the CBD industry grows its important to Leah Organic Garden that we lend a hand in educating our community on the benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. Taking the guess work out, giving valuable information and educating our community is an intense interest of ours.

Leah Organic Garden is deeply committed to providing the best hemp-derived CBD/cannabinoid products with the utmost care, finest ingredients and the best personal customer service experience.

We have done extensive research on our partners in manufacturing and are convinced we found the perfect relationship for quality and scalability. Our providers are top in the industry and offer exceptional customer service and support.

We believe in honesty, and are transparent about our products and what’s in them. Leah’s Organic Garden products are made with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, using organic ingredients where possible. A supercritical CO2 extraction process is used to preserve the phytocannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes to create our high quality broad spectrum CBD oil. Every batch of our USA grown hemp is third-party tested.

With so much more to learn about CBD and other cannabinoids Leah’s Organic Garden is dedicated to the process and looks forward to being an information hub for our community.

Thank You.

Carlyle & Leah Currie 

Leah’s Organic Garden

After the pandemic we hope to open up a physical retail store as well as continue online.